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Yogsiddhi Ghee and mustard oil are available for purchase on our website: theyogsiddhi.com. If you’d like to place a bulk order, Contact us directly or write us an e-mail on customercare@theyogsiddhi.com.

Yes, It is entirely organic, without chemicals or machines involved.

the finished product, i.e. Yogsiddhi ghee is a result of a lot of R&D to ensure that you receive the best, creamiest, and most nutritious ghee. The ghee is produced explicitly from the Vedic ‘Bilona’ or ‘Valona’ process, untouched by machines and chemicals, completely hand-churned. It is A2 ghee in its purest form.

Our cows are fed with the most nutritious fodder, grass, herbs, and liquids that are good for their health and produce the best A2 milk and by extension, the best A2 ghee.

All products of Yogsiddhi is FSSAI certified.

The average shelf-life is 18 months. However, if you store it in the refrigerator, it will last longer.

Yes, you can. Though we suggest you put it in an earthen pot, as an alternative you can keep it in the jar provided by us. The jar is alright and will keep the constituents of the ghee intact. Furthermore, you can store this ghee in the refrigerator. Storing it in a silver container is a healthy option, too. Ghee can stay on the counter for up to a month and lasts in the fridge for about 12 months beyond and shelf life period.

Diet is an important factor for pregnant women as much as the development of the unborn child. Ghee consumed in moderate amounts is good for the health of the mother and the baby, but in excess amounts, it could lead to weight gain and obesity. Here are some of the benefits of ghee for pregnant women: - Relieving constipation in pregnancy
- Development of the baby’s brain
- Easing labor
- Improves digestion
- Nourishing the baby

Unfortunately with A2 cow ghee, there are no specific tests to prove the same. Your experience and the trust emerging after the use of this product is the most important certification any brand can earn. We care for your health as much as we care for our own.


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